Overview of Glaucoma

Often, cataracts and disease in people over 55 years of age are very common. Cataract is a disease of the eyes, in which the natural lens in the eyes becomes blurred, and a white colored layer rises on it. It is difficult to see a person with cataracts. She looks unclear.

If a cataract is completely cooked then the appearance of the person completely closes. Some of the symptoms of this disease come out in this way.

Cataract symptoms

  • Vision weakening with aging, vision weakening
  • The objects appear blurry, crooked, yellow and vague.
  • At night or in low light, less visible. Seeing color stagnation at night or weakening of night vision.
  • Difficulty viewing in sunlight or bright light
  • Looking like a coil around the bright light
  • Under cataract, there is no problem like itching, tears or a headache in the eyes.

Why does glaucoma happen?

This disease is mainly found in people over 50 years of age. The main reason for this is other diseases, genetics, old age, or eye injuries. Those people who live in contact with cigarette smoke, ultraviolet radiation (sunlight), or some medicines, they are at risk of cataract. Free radicals and oxidizing agents can also be a cause of cataract.

the treatment:-

It is important to note that treatment of cataracts is only surgery. If the person’s retina i.e. retina is okay before the operation, then eye Jyoti becomes normal after successful surgery. Nowadays, modern machines have become very easy to perform surgery. As before, stitches are not performed after surgery. Not only this, after the operation, the hospital has to be admitted the same day.

The cataract operation is also performed with laser rays. Attention is made during the operation that such a lens should be applied to the patient so that the patient’s far sight is good. He can wear glasses for a closer look, but there is a fear that even after the operation, it may start to show less.

If any person has a cataract or its symptoms, then they should talk to the doctor immediately so that it can be treated in time, because staying in cataract for long days can be dangerous for your eyes. If the people suffering from cataract are not treated for a long time, then the eyesight goes on forever.

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