Overview of Heart Failure/Heart Attack

Heart failure is a condition in which the heart is not able to completely fill the blood or push the blood with the full potential. That is, the ability to pump the blood of the heart decreases. Although heart failure, it sounds like hearing the word, like the heart has stopped working altogether, but it is not. Rather, in the heart failure, the heart does not fend the blood according to the body’s requirement. But this situation is also a very serious condition and requires intensive medical assistance.

   This problem grows very slowly and the ability to throttle the heart’s blood becomes less. Most cases of this problem are such, in which both parts of the heart are weakened. That’s because the effect of a part’s weakness also affects the other side. At the same time, some cases are seen only on one side of failure.

  In the cardiac failure on right side (right side heart failure), the heart of the patient could not throw the blood completely in the lungs and it could not get oxygen to the blood. At the same time, if the heart of the person (the left part) can not send the oxygenated blood fully into the body then this is called left side failure.

 If a person has a right side heart failure, then the different parts of his body, such as; Liquid stops in the legs, knees, liver, stomach and throat blood vessels. In both the left and right heart failure, the patient suffers from breathing and exhaustion.

Heart failure occurs when the person has long been a problem of high blood pressure (arterial pressure), arterial disease (coronary artery disease), diabetes or cholesterol. By the way, these problems can affect the heart very slowly, but if two or more of these problems occur simultaneously in the body together, the bad effect on the heart also falls too fast.

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