Overview of Peptic Ulcer

Peptic ulcer is a disease, in which the stomach enters the inner walls or the upper part of the small intestine (called duodenum). Upon the increase of the disease, these blisters turn into a deep wound and the patient starts to get too much trouble. This condition is often due to the mis-eating, when the stomach acids become more and more, this condition is created. Sometimes this happens due to bacterial infection.

What causes peptic ulcer?

When the digestive liquid (hydrochloric acid and pepsin enzyme) begins to be consumed in large quantities, then they both begin to harm the intestines and stomach tissues, this causes the protective layer of the intestine and stomach breaks down Due to the condition of the ulcer is born. With proper treatment, ulcers are cured and soon the patient gets relief from the symptoms. This cancer is divided into two parts. If it is in the stomach it is called gastric ulcer and if it is in the small intestine, it is called dudenam ulcer.

There is no peptic ulcer for any particular cause. The biggest reason for this is the disturbances in the digestive liquids. The reason for this type of ulcer is also the infection of bacteria called Helicobacter pylori.

Due to peptic ulcer: –

  • Medicines to ease the pain that you Nonsteroidl anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are added, such as aspirin, naproxen (Aliv, Anaproks, Naprosin etc.), ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil, Maidol some kind, etc.) and low fever drugs, such as aspirin (may have caused the safety coating over which) or aspirin given in powder form, is all in the food, can be cysts.
  • Having high levels of acid in the body – Gastrinomas, due to the problem of tumor-like cells in acid-containing stomach, due to excessive buildup of acid in the stomach (Jollinger-Ellison syndrome), there is a peptic ulcer.
  • People who drink too much alcohol can have ulcers.
  • People with smoking and tobacco use are more likely to have ulcers.
  • A person suffering from severe cerebral palsy may have ulcer.
  • People with radiation treatment can be cured.

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