Pain and Symptoms of gallstones

Take cholesterol, calcium, salt, and bilirubin together as a small stone in the gallbladder, which is called the gallbladder, below the liver. In most cases, this problem is not very big in most people and their body has stones or they do not even know. Many times it happens that this stone itself goes out through urine. But the size of the stones increases in some individuals’ pockets. The size of the gall stones can be as much as the nut. In this way, this stone becomes very painful.

Symptoms of Gallstones?

  • The most common symptom of gallstones is stomachache. In the beginning, it is very low but gradually it grows. This stomachache occurs in the upper and left part of the stomach. This pain gradually increases the upper left side of the waist and then gradually reaches the shoulder.
  • Gradually, the pain of gallstones becomes unbearable. It can also stop the pain and can stay and go away. An important recognition of gallstones is also that after eating the food, the pain becomes faster.
  • Because the stone blocks the biliary vessel, it increases the problem and increases the pain and can cause the patient to catch fever along with the pain.
  • The patient’s eyes and skin become white or yellowish.

If a person has such symptoms, he should go to the doctor immediately. One more thing that such symptoms can also be due to infection in the gallbladder. Therefore it is very important to be checked for the symptoms of this disease.

Gall bladder investigation

If you go to the doctor about these symptoms, which are given above, then the doctor will find out whether you have bile stone or not having any other problem with ultrasound after your physical examination.

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