Pain in upper part of the heel

The Achilles tendon, which is called Achilles tendon in English, connects the heel bone to the calf muscle. In fact, the Achilles tendon is a group of thin tissues, which can be felt as a thick ribbon structure by hitting on the top of the egg on the back of the foot. It raises the person to stand on the feet of the toes and the thumb and helps in furthering the walking and running. Generally there are two types of problems related to the Achilles tendon in people, who are called Achilles Tendonopathy and Achilles Tendon Tier or Rapture, respectively.

Actually Achilles tendinitis is a type of Achilles tendinopathy. When swelling occurs in tendon, the tendon is called tendinitis. Tendinitis means “swelling of tendon”, in general there is no pain in it. Whereas, when the condition comes to microtriges (very subtle injuries, rubbings or scratches) in the tissues in and around the nerves, this causes pain in the nerves. This is called tanninosis by experts. But some doctors, both forms of tendinopathy (tendinitis and tanninosis) are called tendinitis.

Since most doctors know the problem of Achilles tendon only by the name of Achilles tendinitis, hence the same term is being used here for this problem. This problem is usually seen in the runners. At the same time, it also happens to the middle-aged people, who play games like tennis or basketball only in weekends.

In most cases, Achilles tendinitis is treated through relaxation, general medicines and stretching exercises. During this time, good padded shoes should be worn and the way to play should also be changed so that there is no stretch in the fibers. Achilles tendinitis should be treated as soon as possible, otherwise tendons become stiff and then treatment takes much time.

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