Polio symptoms and treatment

Polio primarily young children whose age is between 1 to 5 years, affects them more polio is mainly caused by a type of virus that is newborn or 5 years old Of the children and their feet do not leave to work. but it can affect any part of the body.

This virus causes disability in children, children with this disease can not stand and they are unable to work with their hands, it mainly creates children as their prey and therefore it is the cause of infants Or also called hair paralysis.

Causes of Palio Disease

Polio is a disease that is mainly caused by viruses. This virus is known in the language of science as Polyivirus. This disease is caused by consuming mostly viruses. By eating contaminated food this virus reaches the head in the body. Due to which the cells of the head are destroyed. This virus can also enter the body through the breathing apparatus. This virus transmits on the spinal cord and causes inflammation there. Due to this inflammation, the hands and feet of the child stop working. Apart from this, the pregnant woman does not get proper protein food. Her child may also be polio

Symptoms of Palio disease

The pain in the head of the children suffering from this disease remains prick in the head and the child remains unconscious. The patient feels the stiffness in the backbone of the child, after all these symptoms disappear in 2 or 3 days and after this the child’s hands and feet stop working, thus the child becomes disabled. The child affected by this disease is also unable to walk and do any other work.

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