Pregnancy and asthama

Asthma is primarily a disease associated with breathing. People with asthma suffer from respiratory problems so that the patient has difficulty breathing. Along with the person suffering from asthma, the first problem is a cough.

In such a case, if asthma is at the time of pregnancy, it can be fatal for pregnant women, because pregnant women suffering from asthma can stretch from inside the body, which can be harmful to both mother and child. Not only that, you can not imagine a healthy pregnancy or childbirth during asthma, but it is not that it can not be controlled.

Asthma control during pregnancy
If you do not control your asthma during pregnancy, then your blood may get very low oxygen content. It is important, therefore, that asthma should be controlled during pregnancy, because the fetus is developed by the oxygen present in the mother’s blood. By controlling asthma, some complications of pregnancy such as immature delivery (premature birth), low birth weight, preeclampsia and high blood pressure hazards can be avoided during pregnancy.

It has been found in many studies that asthma can not be cured properly during pregnancy because the medication taken to control asthma during pregnancy is harmful to both mother and child.

However, in some cases, the risks of asthma have been prevented through treatment and improvement in lung function has also been noticed. Some medicines can be used to control asthma, but any medication used to be used in the care of the doctor is better.

There are also some patients with asthma, who get very comfortable by staying away from allergic elements only, while many patients need to take medication regularly. In such cases, pregnant women should keep the distance from allergens, and contact the doctor before using any medication. Although pregnant women can practice yoga and pranayama and keep asthma under control.

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