Prevention of alcohol poisoning

Alcohol poisoning is a very serious emergency situation.Alcohol poisoning happens when a person drinks too much alcohol in a short time or uses any other alcoholic substance or drinks other types of alcohol than ethanol. In alcohol poisoning, confusion, hallucination, vomiting, resentment, heart rate, and slowing down of breathing, intermittent breathing, noise loss, skin becoming blue or yellow, body temperature decreases and unconsciousness Etc. symptoms appear. A person may also be killed when there is alcohol poisoning, so with every such fatal condition, defend yourself and your children and family. Some things can be avoided by adopting it.

Protection against alcohol poisoning

To protect against alcohol poisoning, the following things should be taken into account –

If you have to drink alcohol, then take a limited amount – if the person drinks alcohol, then it should always be consumed gradually. A person under 65 years of age should take two drinks (35ml of pure alcohol) and one drink per day (17.5 ml of pure alcohol) per day.

Empty stomach alcohol should not be consumed – If the stomach is something to eat then the alcohol will reach it in the intestine by gradually reaching it, which will reduce its absorption and can be prevented by the position of poisoning.

Talk to teenage children – Tell your parents to protect their teenage children by giving them an example of the risk of alcohol.

Protect medicines and alcohol products – If there are children in the home, drugs and alcohol-related items like cosmetics, mouthwash, cough medicines, fragrant items, kitchenware and bathroom cleaners and other intoxicants are far from the reach of children. And keep aside. Lock and keep alcohol etc.

Regardless of the different types of precautions, if themselves or any other person becomes victim of alcohol poisoning, keep getting the doctor or health worker as instructed, and do everything possible to relinquish alcohol. Do not have such a situation again in the future.

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