Prevention of asthma and allergy during pregnancy

For many days, colds, cough or respiratory diseases, chest tightness may be due to asthma. sometimes Asthma causes allergy too, pollen of many food items, chemicals, dust, and flowers can promote allergies, people who are suffering from allergies, the best solution for them is to keep the proper information of those factors, from which They may have problems and try to avoid them.

Many times, many pregnant women also have an allergy problem as well as asthma, which is not only harmful to the mother but also affects the infant in the womb. You should know this, that its attack occurs when you consume allergic things or come in contact with them.

Experts believe that asthma is also a kind of allergic reaction, which comes from contact with pollen, dust, dead skin of animals or allergic things. Although pregnant women have an allergic problem in their body when their immune system (disease resistant system) takes any harmless substance into itself.

Asthma can be managed for treating allergies in the following ways:

  • Pregnant women can use corticosteroid medicines in consultation with the doctor to keep asthma under control.
  • Doctors can recommend antihistamines, loratadine or stricken as medicines for allergies.
  • If a pregnant woman is already taking allergy shots and she wants to take her continuously, then such doctors do not recommend taking allergy shots during pregnancy, as this can have negative effects on the child.
  • Before using drugs like any female decongestants, consult a doctor before using it.

In this way, pregnant women keep a distance from allergens, because many other things such as exercise, infection, cold winds, or mental stress help increase asthma which is harmful to the health of the baby.

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