Prevention of sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is an acne associated with the responatory system, in which the patient does not breathe at night sleeping. In this disease, the patient suffers from breathing while sleeping. Along with its treatment to get rid of sleep, its prevention is also very important. 

How can prevent sleep apnea?

  • Do not use alcohol and drugs – Avoid alcohol consumption and do not use sleep medicine.
  • Consumption of a healthy diet – Eating healthy diets is beneficial to get rid of sleep apnea. Apart from this, the person should also control his weight.
  • Smoking prohibition – Nicotin present in tobacco, which relaxes the muscles and interferes with the airway. The person who smokes, their muscles collide into the air and make it narrow.
  • Exercise – Weight can be reduced by regular exercise, which can relieve the problem of sleep apnea. Everyday half-hour exercise, such as walking, is also considered beneficial.
  • Sleep in the back instead of stomach- people suffering from sleep apnea should sleep on the back of stomach instead of stomach. On the contrary, the problem of having a block of air from the gold does not arise.

However, in order to overcome the problem of sleep apnea, it is very important to prevent it from its dangers. Apart from this, exercise can be done to get rid of this problem, as well as reducing its risk by prohibiting smoking.

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