Problems caused due to abdominal adhesions

Abdominal adhesion are the internal problem of a type of stomach, in which intestinal parts are bonded with bands of tissues such as some rays from one another or from other internal organs. These tissue bands are called adshansons.

  When a part of the intestine sticks in this way, it does not move that part during physical activity. Because of which the patient has trouble. However, in most cases, abdominal advertisements are not detected because, in such cases there is no problem with the adhesion, or the problem is so common that its symptoms do not appear. But in some cases, addictions become a big problem too, and its symptoms also appear clearly in the patient.

  Due to abdominal addictions, the patient usually has the following problems:

Intestinal obstruction – obstruction in the intestines – because in the epidemic attacks disease, the patient’s intestines sticks with his or her other part of body or any other part of the body. In such a situation, when a person starts doing any work, the intestinal bowel turns into a stomach or becomes stiff. Or he can pull it. For these reasons, intestinal or partial obstruction occurs in the intestines, and the food from the small intestine can not go into the large intestine. This situation is called intestinal obstruction or obstruction in the intestines. Sometimes this problem also becomes fatal for life. In some cases this condition becomes very dangerous and the patient has to do casual surgery.

Infertility in women due to abdominal addictions- In this situation, parts of the intestines, fallopian or other organs cling to each other or other organs, and during various physical activities, the fallopian tubes cause torsion or cramps. Or separate them from the normal position. Fallopian tube is the tube through which by fertilization of male sperm, after the ovary (ovary), the egg goes to the uterus, where they develop in the form of embryo and infant. When the fallopian tube grows due to abdominal addictions, then ovulation does not reach ovary, which results in sterility in women. Generally, this situation occurs when a lot of development of adhesions occurs.

     In addition, due to these addictions, there is pain in the stomach and pelvis. When an intestinal obstruction occurs due to an adhesion, there may be problems like constipation, stomach gas, vomiting, and stomach swelling.

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