Protection Against malaria

Do not let mosquitoes grow

Do not let the water in drains, pots etc. in rainy days, because the mosquitoes bend in this dirty water. Germicidal drugs such as D.D.T., B. Sprinkle H. C. powder, Neem or Tobacco solution or kerosene in cylindrical walls, ponds, ponds, and drains. The patient should boil water and give water to the leafy vegetables not to eat.

What to do if you have malaria?

  • When there is a high fever in malaria, the patient’s mind is not stable and speaks silently, do not flutter in time, but seek the help of a doctor.
  • Do not skip medication in between. By doing so, malaria can be frequent and can also be deadly.
  • Do not eat malaria medicines in the empty stomach.
  • Without blood tests, repeatedly eat chloroquine medicines.
  • Use mosquito repellent and anti-mosquito products while sleeping at night.
  • Dressed whole.
  • Place basil plant in the house and use mosquito-resistant sunglasses.
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