Reason Behind Hair fall ?

Hair loss is a very common problem, and everybody keeps fighting for the day. But everyone is different because of hair fall in everyone. As far as women are concerned, women go through different rounds of their whole life. It also affects its health, along with its health.In this case, if a woman is experiencing a problem of hair fall and she wants to prevent it, then find out the reasons for hair loss and treat it only on the basis of this. Because of the reasons for hair loss, it is also treated in different ways.

Some Possible Causes of Hair Falling

Any disease or other major problem – there are many such diseases, which can cause women to have hair loss problems. Some of these problems, such as diabetes, cancer, lack of iron, lack of nutrients in the body, psoriasis, lack of vitamins in the body, lack of protein or a disease like thyroid can cause hair loss.

Experimenting with hair- Women are experimenting in a beautiful appearance, they are experimenting with new hair and for this, they use new-style hairstyles and products containing chemicals. This is also a common cause of hair loss and fall. Regular use of hair curly or straightening equipment causes hair to become very weak, stiff and lifeless.

Use of harmful products- Choosing shampoo, oil and conditioner in hair is also a big problem. Which shampoo is you using, it has a great effect on the health of your hair. That is why the right choice of products used on hair is also important.

Lack of blood in the body- Women who do not take enough iron in them, hair loss is a very common problem. Because the hair roots do not get enough iron, they become weak and the result comes out as the fall of the hair. Iron deficiency and hair loss problems are also found in women who have too much bleeding during periods.

Menopause – During this time, there are many changes in the body of women. They have to undergo many problems and they are one of them, hair loss. During this time estrogen hormone levels decrease in women’s body and due to this there are many problems including hair loss.

After delivery – After delivery, women face many problems in terms of health. During this time, there is a lot of weakness in women and due to this the problem of hair fall in women is also seen. However, as time passes on women’s delivery, it starts to normal and her hair starts getting normal.

Lack of protein – our hair is made up of approximately 90 percent, only protein. In such cases, if the body lacks protein, then its effect on hair is also common.

Some medicines- In addition to diseases, there are some medicines which can be found in hair fall. In particular, contraceptive pills. At the same time, women who are taking chemotherapy or any other therapy for any disease or minopause, they also have problems with hair fall.

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