Risk factors for twin pregnancy

It is absolutely true that every pregnancy is full of risk. In this situation, the problem of any woman increases further, if two children are in the womb of a woman. Pregnant women with twins have a dual care and nutritional requirements. Because a healthy woman can give birth to healthy children.

If you are pregnant with more than one child, then you may have the following problems-

  • Problems such as high blood pressure may increase.
  • During pregnancy, diabetes and its type of development can occur, such as gestational diabetes.
  • Women with twin pregnancy are more likely to have premature delivery. In addition, in the twin pregnancy, the children are mostly located in the middle, which is more likely to be Caesarean rather than normal delivery.
  • Due to early delivery, serious lungs, brain, heart, and eye problems can occur in children.
  • In this case, there is a risk of miscarriage, so that you can lose one or both of the children.
  • Because of gene and chromosomes, some babies are born with birth defects. Due to multiplication pregnancy, children may also experience genetic disorders.

In such cases, those women should always take care of themselves, who are pregnant with more than one child so that both mother and child can stay healthy.

If you have one or more children in your womb, then contact your doctor immediately. So that the doctor should ensure that you are going to become a mother of twins or not through ultrasound. During your pregnancy, you may need to do ultrasound more than once during your pregnancy. Apart from this, your doctor may suggest some further investigation through which your child’s development can be traced.

If you are pregnant with more than one child, then you need to be constantly in touch with the doctor, especially compared to one child. If you do not do this then you and your child may have to face serious health problems.

The doctor can do a check on each of your visits. Apart from this, your doctor can also do your embryonic ultrasound, blood pressure, blood and urine test. Because initial treatment can help you and your child keep healthy.

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