Risk factors of alcohol poisoning

Risk factors of alcohol poisoning is very high in case, the beverage that is consumed in alcohol form is alcohol. In normal quantities, occasionally, eating plenty of ethanol is not very fatal. If a person consumes amounts of alcohol in the amount of alcohol from normal or any other alcoholic beverage other than alcohol is consumed then the person may have alcohol poisoning. Although the reasons given above for alcohol poisoning are main, but some individuals are more likely to have them.

Conditions that increase the risk of alcohol poisoning-

The length and weight of the person – alcohol is more soluble in water compared to fat. Therefore, due to excessive fat in body cells of small and obese individuals, the absorption of alcohol is less in their body cells. Therefore, most of the alcohol content remains in their blood, which begins to show its side effects very quickly by reaching the brain. At the same time, the body cells of tall and lean men have excessive water. The excessive amount of alcohol is spread to other parts of the body instead of blood, because alcohol is high in excessive cells.

Whole health – A complete health person can tolerate excessive amount of alcohol, whereas a person suffering from a disease, especially liver disease, can easily have alcohol poisoning.

Drinking alcohol in empty stomach – 20% of alcohol absorption in the stomach and 80% of the amount is absorbed in the small intestine. If the person’s stomach is empty, then the alcohol goes straight into his intestine and becomes absorbed in a very short time, which causes alcohol poisoning.

Drink alcohol by mixing it with other ingredients – For more addiction, liquor is used by alcoholics to add some medicines or beverages (cocktail) to alcohol. In this situation sometimes the mixture becomes very poisonous, which can be extremely fatal for life too.

Percentage of alcohol – If the concentration of alcohol is high in alcohol, drinking less alcohol can also cause a risk of toxicity.

The rate and quantity of alcohol use – Drinking alcohol in the shortest possible time is alcohol poisoning.

Tolerance of the person’s alcohol – each person has the ability to digest alcohol separately. People drinking alcohol every day increases their ability to withstand alcohol. The new person may have alcohol poisoning after drinking too little alcohol.

Some other substances other than ethanol (alcohol), such as beverages, mouthwash and medicines etc., are also used in the toxic form of isoprophyl, methanol and ethylene glycol alcohol. The possibility of having alcohol toxicity is very high when used.

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