side effect of chewing gum

If you think chewing gum is good for you. With this your brain is active, your face becomes slim, and in this case, you keep chewing throughout the day, be careful. Because in such a way you are unaware of its side effects. In fact chewing gum can cause gastrointestinal problems, problem of filing of teeth and pain problems in joints.

  Let’s know about some of the same side effects of chewing gum-

  • The habit of chewing chewing gum increases the use of junk food.
  • This habit can cause the problem of TMJ (temporomendibular joint disorder) in your jaw.
  • Artificial sweeteners found in chewing gum cause disturbances in digestive system by going into the stomach with saliva. It produces gas and acid in the stomach. That is, unnecessary air enters the body through our mouth, which deforms our normal digestive system, especially the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Chewing gum can lead to gastrointestinal problems.
  • Chewing gum (whether it is Sugarfree) by chewing gum affects the natural layers of teeth and the strength of their joints.
  • It can spoil the filling in teeth.
  • The substance derived from sheep wool is used in making lanene chewing gum. If you consider themselves vegetarian, you should not chew chewing gum.
  • If by accident you swallow chewing gum, synthetic polymers and latex present in it can degrade your digestion.
  • If your teeth have been filling, chewing it can cause the mercury present in it to go into your body.
  • Some sugar grapes available in the market are sweetened with substitutes called asparatum which can become the cause of diseases such as cancer, diabetes.

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