Some common causes of obesity in mental patient

Obesity is a common problem in people with a severe mental illness. In such people, there is a significant increase in the mortality rate. As we have already mentioned in the obesity overview article, obesity comes with diabetes, heart disease, and diseases. This disorder combines the quality of life and reduces its time. Mental patients have been seen to be thicker than a normal person.

The main causes and their associated problems are:

  • Mental impediment – due to the lack of motivation and will, a habit of eating easily available food and exercising in mental patients is born. By ignoring the long-term dangers, according to instructions from the brain, such people want to live life at their convenience.
  • Medicines can increase the weight of medicines. These medicines slow down the body’s metabolism and in some cases increase appetite and promote high-risk diarrhea. The primary problem in these patients is mental illness, so in the first settlement, attention is withdrawn from the rest of the problems. In order to get good results in the long run, however, one should take care of the entire health of the person.
  • Remembrance (memory) of the patient and reasoning in the right-wrong for them, because the comparative side is less than normal, they take a harmful diet for health. In such a habit in the routine of mental patients, cases of excess weight increase in less time.
  • In order to be cured, improper or partial treatment of medicines, therapies and medical advice makes the patient killer. It also increases obesity by increasing the recovery period. Increasing weight increases the symptoms of Schenzhenphenia, Bipolar disorder patients.

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