Surgical treatment of peptic ulcer

In many people suffering from peptic ulcer, ulcer sometimes cures itself and improves lifestyle in some people. But there are many people in which peptic ulcer is treated through medicines. But if the ulcer has a deadly appearance then its surgery has to be done. Peptic ulcer surgery is done in very rare and serious cases.

The patient has to undergo surgery for the following reasons-

  • Ulcers are not cured in the patient (intracaptive peptic ulcer)
  • If the ulcer has become more serious, such as internal bleeding, the hole in the stomach or small intestine, or the digestive tract has become blocked, then the condition of the patient is done in this condition.

If the patient is advised to undergo surgery then he should keep the following things in mind:
  • Any other doctor should also consult.
  • It should know whether the doctor has used all the medicines? And whether surgery is the only last option.
  • Compare the costs of both the medicines and the surgery during the treatment. Take the information about the side effects of the doctor from both the processes.
  • Remember that it is not necessary that once the surgery is done, the patient can not be cured again.
  • Do the surgery with the best surgeons in your area or do a surgery with a doctor who has a very good experience of surgery.
Peptic ulcer is administered in the following ways:
  • One or more nerves of the stomach are cut off by surgery, it is called vagotomy.
  • Through the surgery, the lower part of the abdomen that joins the intestine, it is stitched. This surgery is called pyroplasty.
  • Through surgery, that part of the stomach is removed which has ulcers. This type of surgery is called partial gastroctomy.

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