Symptoms of Ovulation in women

Ovulation is the process in which the body of women prepares for pregnancy. During this, Egg is released from her ovary, and this egg combines with sperm to form a fetus. If it can not be found by the sperm, then the uterus absorbs it and in the days of the period it exits from the body. When a woman gets ovulation, it is detected by the time between two periods (menstruation). Generally, periods that come in a month of 28, 30, 32 or more in a gap of 35 days, starting on the first day, (the day the period starts) between 10 to 19 days, and the next Ovulation occurs 12 to 14 days prior to periods.

For those women who are preparing for pregnancy, having the right information for ovulation can help them with their easy pregnancy. Because most women have a question in their mind about how they know whether they are now undergoing ovulation, one way is to count the days of their periods, as well as those changes in their body. Keep an eye on those who are in their bodies during ovulation.

There are 15 such signs that women get to see at the time of ovulation-

  • At the time of ovulation, a thick liquid (egg white) starts to flow out. This is the fluid that helps smooth the sperm path and meet it with the egg.
  • Occasionally you feel feeling anything while you are inside (in the stomach). If you do not know much then you do not recognize it.
  • There may also be slight pain in the stomach. This happens when the pouch inside Overy (egg) breaks and Egg leaves it.
  • There is a lot of change in the behavior of women during ovulation. She starts to be more happy than before.
  • She likes to wear clothes and look good. That is, during the ovulation, women start paying more attention to their looks.
  • During this, the body temperature of women increases automatically. It appears to be more hot during ovulation than usual days.
  • During this time, he looks even more beautiful than the rest of the days.
  • Interest in creating intimate relationships among women increases because sexual desire is at peak at this time.
  • During this time, women are more attracted to their partner.
  • In the meantime, a good smell also starts from the body of women.
  • There is a slight change in the voice of the woman and her voice gets taller than before.
  • The behavior of women goes a bit, and the trick becomes slightly more sexy.
  • During this time, there are slight changes in the structure of their body.
  • During ovulation, the female partner or other men are also more attracted to him.
  • During this time, the smell of women increases.

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