Symptoms of STDs during pregnancy

If you interact with oral (oral sex), anal or vagina, it can be the cause of STD, which is called STD. Gay, married or unmarried people are more victims of STI. However, condom use is considered safe to reduce the risk of STD.

Occasionally, pregnant woman suffers from STD, but its symptoms are not clearly visible, in such cases, they are aware of this problem during routine checkup.

Some symptoms of STD are as follows-

  • Wounds or ulcers near the anus, genders or vagina
  • Problem of swelling or redness near the penis or vagina
  • Red rashes in the skin with no pain or pain.
  • Pain while passing urine
  • Weight loss, sleeplessness, and excessive sweating of the night.
  • Pain, fever and chills.
  • Yellow skin (jaundice)
  • Discharge from a penis or vagina
  • Menstrual bleeding like vaginal bleeding
  • Pain during formation
  • Gender or vagina has severe itching near

If a pregnant woman has symptoms of or have STD symptoms, then contact the doctor at the earliest as the treatment of STD should be done easily when the symptoms of time are known. Could. Also STDs should be evaluated in the first round. If STD is not treated timely, it can increase the risk of HIV.


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