Take right decision before abortion

The termination of pregnancy is called abortion. Occasionally, women do not even know that they are pregnant, they get the abortion. This is called a miscarriage. But some women make their abortion through medicines and equipment. There are many reasons for this, such as being a mother at a young age, hormonal problem, size of the uterus, and sometimes negligence.

The woman has to move her pregnancy or she does not want to give birth to these babies, this is her personal decision. But if a woman is thinking like this then she must first talk to a counselor or consultant. A counselor will help women make the right decision. Counselors are available on institutions that provide information about family planning. Besides, if a woman wants it, she can consult with someone who is very close to her. Once the woman and her family decide to abort, she should contact the doctor.

Always do the abortion by the doctor

Whenever a woman feels that she is pregnant, she should first go and do her own check with the doctor. If she is pregnant and she does not want to move forward, then she has to take a decision early on this. Because of the early stages of pregnancy, women have more choices and less risk of miscarriage risk.

The doctor prescribes the medical history and physical examination of the woman before taking an abortion. Apart from this, doctors can also do some laboratory tests. Sometimes doctors also do the ultrasound before an abortion.

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