Tests of allergy

The uncomfortable reaction of the body’s immune system against any normal, external substance (allergen) is called allergy. Assuming harmless allergen as a threat, the immune system makes antibodies for it. If the allergy symptoms increase, allergy testing becomes necessary. After diagnosis, the type and intensity of allergies is revealed. Based on the information received from the investigation, the victim is treated properly.

Prior to the investigation of allergy, the doctor knows the symptoms related to symptoms, from the person suffering from it.

  • Get information about symptoms in detail
  • Body test according to the effects of allergies
  • Getting information about catalysts that increase allergen and allergies

The following information is taken when food allergy (allergic to some type of diet)

  • Detailed information on diet and routine
  • How much the difference was felt to remove the allergic diet from the food. Does the reaction increase after taking the diet again?

The following tests are done to check allergy –

Skin test – Allergens, the proteins found in allergen can come in contact with the skin and make allergic reaction. In this situation, there are rashes on the skin. Occasionally there are signs of changing the color of the skin in the allergic to the affected area, the formation of small grains full of liquid. The doctor examines allergic intensity and sensitivity to allergen with skin test.

Blood tests – Blood tests to be investigated for various types of allergic reactions are called radiylorosaurbent test (RATT). Blood tests show the reaction of the body’s immune system towards allergen. In this investigation, the number of antibodies formed in blood allergic reaction is measured. Such antibodies are called immunoglobulin E (Ig) antibodies. The sensitivity of blood samples sent in the laboratory is examined.

On the possibility of other disorders other than allergies in the symptoms, some other tests are stated by the doctor according to the condition of the person.

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