Tomato recipe/paste for hair loss

It sounds a little weird and maybe we will never even have done it. but it’s true. Tomato is beneficial for our health and skin, in the same way it is also beneficial for our hair. Vitamins found in tomatoes are essential for our hair, except for A, B, C and K skin. Whose tomato is also a good source. In addition, tomatoes also contain iron. Iron is very essential for our entire health including hair.

  Let’s know what the benefits are for tomato hair :

  • By making a tomato paste, massage slowly in the hair reduces hair loss.
  • Regular consumption of tomatoes and hair loss results in hair loss and hair shine as well.
  • Tomato also works as a conditioner for hair
  • Massaging the tomato juice with any oil, such as coconut, amla, almond or olive, many hair problems, such as deterioration, breakage, stutter, gradually end.
  • Experimenting with tomatoes hair reduces hair loss and stubbornness. It causes both hair and lightness to come
  • Tomato can also be wiped by harming the hair from chlorine. She helps in bringing swiming back to the hair instead of the color.
  • It also works to remove the deodorant coming from the hair.
  • Tomato is beneficial even after the lack of moisture in the hair in winter. Also, due to dryness, hair loss and dandruff also prevents. It locks the skin moisture. It also provides relief in itching in the skin of the head.

Do not keep the tomatoes in the hair for longer, and wash them in half to two and a half hours.

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