Treatment of allergy

Normally, the body’s immune system  to make antibodies is called allergy to elements that do not harm the body. Elements that cause allergy are called allergens. The person may be allergic to any animal, dust, plant, and chemicals. According to different allergen elements that could be peanut allergy,dog allergies,dust mite allergy,  allergic reactions are different. Allergic treatment is done according to the type of problem being faced by the victim.

As the treatment of an allergy can last for long periods of time, while an allergy has to be done for emergency treatment.

In the treatment of allergy, the following medicines and therapies are used-

Protection from Allergen – Identification of allergens in the person is responsible for allergic reactions. Allergen foods can be identified by some medical test. It is easy to avoid them after identifying allergens.

Allergic Symptoms – Allergic reactions of the immune system against allergen can be reduced according to the allergy and its effects. The symptoms of allergic reaction can be overcome even when the effects of allergies are low. These medicines are in the form of oral, nazal spray and eye drops according to the need of the victim.

Immunotherapy – When allergy increases and other treatments are not cured, then allergen immunotherapy is used. After some interval in this treatment, injections of pure allergen elements are given. The reaction of the immune system is greatly reduced when it comes in contact with allergies gradually. There is another type of immunotherapy in which the tablet is placed under the tongue (sublingual) until it dissolves. Subalinary drugs are used more in cases of polar allergy.

Emergency Epinephrine – On getting fast, severe allergies, medical advice is given to keep the Emergency Epinephrine shot together to control the symptoms. Epinephrine Shot (Epipen, Ov-Q) are medicines. With the help of epinephrine shot, the problem can be prevented from spreading allergies until the problem is treated.

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