Type of weight loss surgery

There are different types of surgery for this. Some of it will shrink your stomach, which will make you feel full after eating a little. Apart from this, some other surgeries will change the calories you take, the absorption of nutrients.

1. Gastric Bypass (Rocks n Y Gastric Bypass)

In this surgery, doctors make a small sac separately in the stomach. When you eat food, then this food goes into that small portion which has been separated. This part is attached to the stomach and small intestine. The result of this is that your belly quickly gets filled and you only take only a few calories in the calories.

Benefits: – In 80% of people, after surgery, symptoms of diabetes are not visible. People also reduce weight by 60% to 80%.

Disadvantages: – Your body can not absorb vitamins and mineral like before. This may be due to problems related to your health.

2. Gastric sleeve (sleeve gastronomy)

In this, the doctor completely removes a large part of the stomach. After which there is less space to eat, and your stomach quickly fills. With this operation, you become less hungry hormone, homely.

Benefits: – More than 60% of people do not have symptoms of diabetes after this operation. At the same time, people lose weight by 50% after surgery.

Damage: – You can not get this surgery back to the same position later. Also, your body does not take much amount of vitamins and minerals as before. For this reason, you may have some health related problems.

3. Adjustbob Gastric Band

During this surgery, the doctors bind the hair band around the abdomen around it. Due to this, the food goes slowly in the stomach and the belly quickly fills.

Benefits: – In this surgery, the doctor does not have to cut your gut. Due to this, problems are also less. Apart from this, this band can also be moved upwards later. 60% of those who have undergone this surgery also get complete relief in diabetes.

Damage: – Occasionally, there are some problems with this band. It can slip, or it can also be bad. You may have to undergo another surgery for this. At the same time, after this surgery, weight loss decreases compared to other surgeries. It has an effect of 40 to 50%.

In some other types of gastric banding, there is also a type of vertical gastric banding. However, so far it is new in the medical world and the reason why is not yet much information about its benefits.

4. Biliopanctrative diversion with duodenal switches

This surgery is not a common surgery. That’s because it is a very complex surgery. In this, there is a large part of the doctor’s abdomen and the process of re-applying food in the intestine.

Benefits: – This is the most important surgery among people with diabetes. By the way, people generally lose weight from 60% to 70%.

Disadvantages: – In this surgery, the chances of complications are very high. After this, you also get time to get normal and leave the hospital. Apart from this, you also have problems in digesting food and calcium. For this reason, the possibility of having health related problems is very high.

At the same time, in all types of surgeries, whether it is metabolic surgery or bariatric surgery, there are chances of problems coming after them. In these difficulties, there is the possibility of leakage in bleeding, infection and digestive function.

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