Types of allergy

Being overactive is exposed to allergy when exposed to any harmless external element by body’s immune system. Allergy is a disorder of autoimmune mechanism, also called atopy. Etiopi is called allergic due to genetic factors. There are many types of allergies, which depend on the medium of contact (breath, touch or diet) and allergens.

Generally people who are more exposed to the contact are allergens –

Food allergy – Allergic reaction to a diet occurs in more children than adults. Generally, there are genetic reasons behind food allergens. The risk of asthma and other allergies increases in such people.

Allergies to medicines – There may be an allergic reaction with many prescriptions and non-prescription medications. Allergies from medicines can not be predicted. The intensity and symptoms of allergies depend on the drug. The use of more than one drug can be allergic to treating any disorder.

Allergy to insect-moth venom – When bitten by any insect, its toxic fluid and other toxic substances enter the skin and body of a person. In this case swelling, pain, itching and redening of the skin are normal reaction of the body. Allergic reaction occurs when the body is over-reacting to the toxin of the insect.

Allergy to animals – In this type of allergic respiratory problems are more. The person may be allergic to the pet or dandder, urine, hair etc., of nearby animal skin coming in contact.

Apart from these types of allergies, natural rubber (latex), the odor of any substance on the workplace (occupational asthma) and cosmetics have a large number of people allergic.

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