Ulcer’s Symptoms and Treatment

Are you troubled by ulcerative disease and looking for its treatment? Know how to make ulcers and treatments from Ayurveda? Gastric i.e. Infections in the stomach or small intestine, wounds or blisters are also known as ulcers or stomach ulcer or gastric ulcer. When the stomach gets ulcer, the protective layer of the stomach or intestine breaks down. Occasionally when the ulcer increases, it is also possible to rupture, so it should be treated only after a period of time.

Reasons to be ulcer

There can be many reasons for being ulcerated. I have been given the following reasons:

  • Smoking is more likely to cause gastric ulcers in the stomach.
  • Drinking more alcohol also causes ulcer in the stomach or intestine.
  • Drinking too much of coffee or tea can also cause ulcer.
  • The use of too hot spices in the food also causes ulcers in the stomach.
  • Stomach is also more susceptible to ulcers than being stressed.

Symptoms of Ulcer

Holding the symptoms of ulcers is a little easier. If you always have a little stomach ache Or if you match some of the symptoms below, you may have ulcer disease

  • Always have pain in the stomach
  • food poison .
  • Vomiting or bleeding from vomiting
  • Heartburn
  • Stomach bleeding
  • Weight loss etc. These are the symptoms of whole ulcer.

Treatment of ulcers


Honey filled with medicinal properties, also known as honey, acts as ointment on the inside of the stomach. If you have ulcers in your stomach or intestine, you should eat 1 to 2 teaspoons of fine honey at any time during the day at any time because honey destroys the stomach and intestine, causing ulcers to cure soon. .

2.Fenugreek seeds(मेथी के दाने)

Fenugreek is also very beneficial to cure ulcers. To use it, first add one to one and a half spoon of fenugreek in a glass of water and boil it for some time and then filter it after the water cools. Now mix one spoon of honey in the fenugreek water and drink it. Once a day, add honey in the fenugreek water and drink it, you can get rid of the problem of ulcer.

3.Cabbage cabbage(पत्ता गोभी)

Cabbage is also considered to be a great drug for stomach ulcer. By consuming it, the inside of the stomach joins the energy which helps in cure ulcers. To use it, first cut the cabbage and wash it well with clean water and mix it with a little water and grind it. When the frozen leaf cabbage is filtered and after going to sleep on the night, drink it before it gets cured.

4.coconut water

Every morning fresh stomach or intestine is cured with fresh coconut water consumed in empty stomach in the morning.

5. Ulcers are also cured by consuming banana, vegetable juice, aloe vera, drumstick, raw milk etc.

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