Use curd for hair to make it healthy

Beautiful hair is everyone’s desire, but due to busy life and pollution hair condition becomes very bad. In this case, curd is very good substance for hair health and beauty. Curd is a very good conditioner for hair. Maybe you have heard about curd and buttermilk that the dash ends with the
dash from the head. But not only that, yogurt works even better on hair.

   Indeed, curd also prevents hair from becoming shiny, soft and dense, and also reduces them. Yogurt prevents head skin from being cut and prevents it from becoming Russian. Also, it is also very easy to apply. Take a cup of curd and massage it on the skin of your head for at least 10-15 minutes. After this, wrap the hair with some cotton cloth and leave it dry.

After drying, shampoo. Use this method at least once or twice a week. You will soon see the difference in your hair health. As the hair is shiny and soft, the breakdown will also stop.

  At the same time, if curd is mixed with curry leaves, then it is very helpful in preventing hair from falling. Also, hair becomes dense, soft and shiny, because curry leaves are used throughout the country to prevent hair loss. Curd and curry leaves together work together on the hair very well.

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