Weight loss is a challenge in mental patients

The weight loss process is different in mental patients. Normally, the person plays an important role in reducing obesity, while reducing the morbidity of mental patients increases the role of his family and doctor. For a person suffering from severe depression and mental discomfort, it is very difficult for him to exercise regularly for his diet and health. By taking care of some things mental patients can get rid of the obesity problem.

Instead of taking 3 meals a day in the day, instead of serving it in 5 diets of short serving. This reduces the appetite caused by mental patients to middle-hearted. Which hinders eating and eating harmful eating habits for health.

  • Keep more calories and sweet foods such as candy, excess fat snacks away from patients’ access. Keep healthy foods and juices in their place, minimize food plates and servings. After some time, these diets will become tastes in the mental patients.
  • It is difficult to exercise in solitude and follow other things. For this reason, the community or cooperation group of such patients should be looked after by these professional doctors.
  • The habits and things that make people coordinate easily, should not be compared to psychiatric patients rather than faster and more cooperative. Physical changes should not be discouraged over a long period of time. Continue to increase their morale, even if they are younger than expected.
  • There should be proper coordination between the doctor, family, trainer, and dietician engaged in the treatment and supervision of the patient. There is no problem with the patient taking contradictory treatment or diet.

The mental health of the patient should not be compromised by making the priority. Medicines of some diseases can stretch the time of diagnosis of obesity. To speed up your plan, you should not stop or stop taking medicines.

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