What is alcohol poisoning

Alcohol poisoning is such a condition in which such quantity of alcohol is consumed in such a short time that the physical process of the person becomes inactive for it. In this situation, first of all, the person starts to have trouble breathing and it is so serious that he needs immediate emergency treatment.

  In the meantime, if a person does not get proper treatment immediately, except for stop smoking, he may get heart failure uncontrolled, body temperature decreases, larynx tears (stop sounding), and the result is that the person walks in a coma It can also be seen as a go or death.

It is not that it can happen only if a person consumes Alcohol directly. Occasionally the person can consume anything that contains alcohol. Especially if a child accidentally consumes such things, then the damage can be done even faster from them.

If alcohol comes through any other beverage in a person’s body, this poisoning can be even more fatal because it contains alcohol, as well as other substances that are not suitable for its health. Alcohol, all other forms other than ethanol are highly toxic. Among them are isopropyl alcohol (found in rubbing alcohol, some lotions and some cleaning items), methanol and ethylene glycol (which are commonly used as anti-freeze and used in paint).

In this situation, symptoms appear in the person, vomiting in the heart, the condition of heart condition worsening, stroke, slow respiration or stoppage of breathing, body temperature decreases and unconsciousness.

Alcohol poisoning is an emergency, so it should not be taken lightly. In this situation, medical treatment is required immediately, if a person is suspected of having alcohol poisoning, he should immediately take it for emergency treatment. In this situation, if the patient is conscious, then he should tell the full truth without any hesitation, and if he is not conscious then he should tell the doctor as much information as his family members have.

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