What is low blood pressure?

Blood flow runs in our body and it never stops. This blood flow is made by our heart. Our heart only sends blood to the whole body by pumping, and for this, he fills the blood like a pump and then pushing it into the arteries. From the arteries this blood reaches the capillaries and then goes into the thinest blood vessels.

The time when blood is pushed into the largest blood vessels i.e. the arteries through the heart, its pressure is high and when it reaches the capillaries, its pressure becomes slightly lower than before. Similarly, reaching the small blood vessels of the body-reaching the pressure of blood goes down.But its pressure is so high that it reaches all the blood vessels of the whole body. If the blood is not thrown in the arteries with the full pressure of the arteries, then the arteries can not reach the capillaries again and again in the blood vessels. It does not reach the blood of all parts of the body and the blood pressure decreases in the body. This is called blood pressure only.

Blood pressure is of two types:-

Systolic pressure – When the heart fills the blood and pumps it into the arteries, during that time, the pressure that arises on the arteries is called systolic pressure.

Diastolic pressure – When the heart is in a state of secretion after pumping, the pressure on the arteries during that time is called diastolic.

The lowest range of systolic and diastolic is 90/60. If systolic pressure is less than 90 and diastolic pressure is less than 60, then this condition is called hypotension (low blood pressure).

A little blood pressure keeps on increasing or decreasing. Even everybody’s blood pressure does not remain the same throughout the day. It keeps on top-down. But if a person’s blood pressure is decreasing on a regular basis, and its symptoms, such as chest pain, excessive exhaustion, and dizziness of the head, it is necessary to control it. Otherwise it can make the person heart patient.

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