what is ovulation

Ovulation, also called ovulation, is the process in women’s body, in which one or more egg emerges from its ovary. It can also get out of any of the two organs. Or it may also happen that it turns out every month in turn. The same egg leaves the ovary and goes into the fallopian tube and there is fertilization, fertilized by the sperm.

   The egg remains in the fallopian tubes 12 to 24 hours and if it does not get an egg during this time, then it is absorbed in the urus and its walls are absorbed and if the egg is found in the sperm, then it is about four to five days of failopian After staying in the tube, then it goes into uterus ie the uterus. Going to the uterus, it sticks to its walls. When the egg does not meet with sperm, it can be released from the body through periods after two weeks of being absorbed by the uterine wall, which is called menstruation.

  Occasionally this process takes two weeks to complete, and for this reason, in the first week, the pregnancy of the woman is not known. The doctor examines the pregnancy of the woman in her blood, with the presence of hormone (HSG) which increases her body during pregnancy.

Ovulation time

The time of ovulation is not entirely sure but it can be counted for any woman’s menstruation days. The time of ovulation occurs between the two periods that is in the middle. Starting from the day the period starts, ovulation can occur from 10th to 19th days, starting from the day. That is 10 to 12 days before your next period. Periods of time may be 28 to 32 days. The probability of being pregnant of any woman is most in the days of its ovulation. One more thing that the time of ovulation depends much more on your next periods and lower the number of periods you were last. Meaning that you will have to start from the 10th to the 14th day of the previous periods. This is also not necessary. Yes, one thing is definitely that you can find out from its symptoms, that you are getting ovulation now.

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