What is ventricular assist device surgery

The Ventricular Assistant Device (VAD), known as the heart pump, is a mechanical device that helps the heart pump blood in the body.

   VAD is a device that can be planted in the chest by surgery or may be worn out. The pumped part of the device is applied to the upper part of the stomach. He wore out through her belt (belt) batteries which provide power for pumping. VAD will add another small incision batteries out out mechanical wires from it in the doctor next after planting in the body.

  VAD can help the heart pump right, left or right from both sides. It depends on the type of person’s heart ambition on which side he needs help in the pump.

How does this machine work?

VAD performs important functions in the body such that adequate flow of blood and non-accumulation of blood in the body. Through this machine the pumping heart is assisted in pumping and it helps the heart to give adequate blood to the body. With this the work of the heart becomes easier and easier. Most VAD machines are automated and they organize themselves according to the actions performed by the body. For example, if you start exercising, then this machine will increase the amount of blood by speeding itself up pumping itself.


VAD can be applied for fixed and indefinite time according to the type of cardiac failure. The person who does not have much problems in the heart and his heart has the possibility of having health again, it is applied for less time. The VAD machine is used for those whose heart failure conditions have reached the brink of heart change. At the same time, it is also used for medicines as well as long-term treatment.


VAD is very useful for those whose heart has reached very dilapidated condition, and is now on the brink of transplantation. It is also used for long lasting heart therapy. The sudden death due to cardiac death can be avoided. On the other hand cardiovascular patients get relief in their daily activities using this machine.


If the damage caused by this machine is talked about, the risk of stroke increases in patients who use it. In addition to stroke, there may be a lot of blood flow, infections, the ability of the machine to not function properly and blood clotting can also occur.

Can people who have installed VAD machines live in normal life?

Many people who use VAD live a very simple and intuitive life. He can do his daily tasks such as driving, going to office, doing social work, and playing his favorite sports. But those who have already installed this machine are also required to stay in the supervision of a continuous health specialist. They will not only take care of your health, but also for that they will come to you and regularly check up. He will also give you information about taking care of VAD Machine at home. We will also show you ways to avoid problems.

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