When should performed ultrasound during pregnancy

Ultrasound is usually done in pregnant women around 20th week of pregnancy. During this ultrasound, the doctors see that a healthy placenta and child development in the uterus is happening properly or not. Apart from this, movement of the heartbeat, body, hands and feet of the child can also be seen on ultrasound.

Ultrasound in pregnancy

Pregnant women are advised to scan ultrasound at least twice during pregnancy-

  • During the 8 to 14th week of pregnancy, and the second between the 18th and the 21st week.
  • The scan done during the early pregnancy is sometimes called a dating scan. Where Sonographer estimates delivery based on the measurement of the child.
  • In the dating scan, a dub translucensi (NT) scan can be included, which is a part of the joint screening test for Down syndrome.

On the other hand, it is advisable to take the second scan to all pregnant women, this scan is called an anomaly scan or mid pregnancy scan. Which usually occurs between the 18th and the 21st of the pregnancy. Through this scan, structural abnormalities (discrepancies) are examined in the child.

Some women also advise to do more than two ultrasound scans. Depending on the health of pregnant women and their pregnancy.

The following things can be detected through ultrasound before pregnancy-

  • The presence of more than one embryo is detected.
  • The exact date of pregnancy (age of fetus) is detected.

Following pregnancy, the following things can be detected through ultrasound-
  • Baby health
  • Place of placenta
  • Amount of amniotic fluid around the child
  • Child’s condition
  • Baby weight

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