Who are more susceptible to pain in the upper part of the heel

In the upper part of the heel, there is a rossy thick structure, which is called Achilles tendon (fibers of the nerves or heel). In the legs, when there is any kind of activity, it is spread and contracted. This nervous system connects the muscles of the calf to the heel bone. Sometimes there is pain in this nervous system for some reasons. Typically, the pain of the Achilles tendon is due to its excessive use. Runners or players who, during the game, have to bounce the force of the toes, they usually have problems related to the nerves. Apart from this, it is also a common problem among middle-aged people.

In Achilles tendon or Achilles tendon, there are mainly two types of problems-

Achilles Tendinopathy –

Achilles Tendonopathy, these usually occur in people aged 30 to 50, who sometimes play for long hours or in the weekends. Problems in tendon, often due to the movement of it repeatedly.

There can be two types of problems in this situation-

  • Tendinitis – In the condition of tendinitis, swelling in the Achilles tendon comes. But usually there is no pain in the nerves due to inflammation.
  • Tandinosis- In this situation, microtitizers (very fine injuries, rubbing or scratches) come in the surrounding tissues of the nerves. These injuries are usually done by doing more such work, including the use of the nerves. For example, running, running fast In most cases the pain in the Achilles tendon is due to tanninosis.

Most experts call these two cases, tanninitis (swelling in the muscles) and tanninosis (microtrizes in the tissues surrounding the muscles), in the name of tendinopathy. But some doctors use the term tendinitis for injuries to the Achilles tendon.
Achilles Tendon Tier or Rapture-
  • Partial injuries can occur in the Achilles tendon or it may burst completely. When these are partial injuries, then there may be no symptoms in the patient. But when it explodes completely, there is a very painful pain in the nerves or suddenly their strength disappears, and that person does not remain comfortable walking and moving. Such a situation arises when the strain occurs in the nervous system. This problem can also be caused by jumping over the junkies of older people.
Problems with Achilles tendon are often sudden. Usually the cause of injuries in the Achilles tendon is due to their long-term excessive use.

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