Women beware of aging

It has often been observed that in addition to aging, the risk of many other diseases in women increases. If you feel that you are physically fit, then it is not necessary that your thinking is correct.

Most women have thyroid, blood pressure or some other type of problems. But due to lack of investigation, they remain unaware of it. After 40, women are more vulnerable to certain types of diseases. That’s why every woman should definitely do some special kind of investigation.

Women in growing age should be cautious of these diseases. like:-

Breast cancer-

The risk of breast or breast cancer is often doubled with aging. This is the most common disease found in women. But this does not mean that men can not have this problem. Breast cancer is making its prey even at an early age compared to western countries. The average age of breast cancer in Indian women is about 47 years, which is less than 10 years less than the western countries. Although correct information, little caution and timely identification and treatment of its symptoms can be overcome by this problem.


Osteoporosis is such a disease, whose symptoms usually do not appear quickly. The patient’s ‘bone mass’ and ‘bone tissue’ (which is the strength of the bones) keeps on continuous erosion. This increases the fear of bone fracture. According to the calculation of World Health Organization, every third woman in India increases the risk of menopause. Women are unaware of the lack of accurate information. This often threatens to break women’s bones. When the menstruation stops in women, they must be tested so that osteoporosis can be avoided.

  Cervical cancer-

Most likely to develop cervical cancer occurs during 40 to 50 years. If cervical cancer is detected soon, then it is possible to treat it and its symptoms can be seen as normal for seven to ten years. Therefore it is necessary to get the inquiry done. During Pap smear test, abnormal cells of cervical cancer can be easily detected.

blood pressure-

Increasing age increases the risk of blood pressure, ie blood pressure from women. If you think your blood pressure is normal then you should check it regularly. If you have any problems related to diabetes, heart disease or kidney, then it becomes even more important. When women do not pay attention to their diet, there is a full potential for blood pressure.


In addition to having blood pressure, women also have cholesterol problems. Women of forty or more must definitely check cholesterol every five years. Some studies have shown that HDL or good cholesterol can increase the risk of getting heart disease of women suffering from type 1 diabetes.


Diabetes or diabetes itself is a serious problem. If it is known in the initial stage then it becomes easy to control. If it does not get detected at the right time, then the fear of problems related to heart disease, kidney disease and eyes in women increases. That’s why women should check the diabetes at least once a year.

For women to maintain their health, they must continue to investigate from time to time. This keeps them from serious health problems.

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