Benefits of Custard Apple

Seetafa (Custard Apple), which is also called as Sharifa in the common language, is very beneficial for our health. A vitamins minerals also are present in the seizure, which make it beneficial for our health.

  • If you want to increase your weight if you are very weak, it can prove to be very beneficial for you. It has the capacity to increase your weight, if you regularly include the cure in your diet then your weight will increase very quickly.
  • Citiferous nutritious antioxidant vitamin C is present, due to the abundance of vitamin C, our body’s immune system increases. By consuming a cure every day your body can always be prevented from diseases.
  • Intake of betel nut is also very beneficial for teeth. Its consumption does not only help to relieve the pain of the tooth gums and also strengthens your teeth.
  • Eating intake of regular syphilis increases eyesight, contains plenty of vitamins C riboflavin, due to which it consumes the eyesight of our eyes, if your eyes are covered with glasses, then it will also be removed from its consumption Could.

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