How to get rid of body acne

Summer has started, bringing with it the same skin problems. Body acne is one of the multiple ills that heat brings. Heat and sweat clog pores all over your body, but breakouts are most familiar on your chest, back, and buttocks, where the skin is rich in sebaceous and sweat glands. Body Acne is a multifaceted problem. Specific hormonal elements and androgens present in your body might affect it. It also grows in parts of your body where oil production in your pores is more elevated. 

Use these bathing tips listed below to overcome body acne and feel confident this summer:

Avoid hot bath

Hot water is almost unavoidable in the summer, yet it is highly damaging to all skin kinds. It burns and peels the skin, pushing it to overproduce oil and become irritated, resulting in outbreaks. Since water is hot in the summer owing to rising temperatures, heating metal pipes, and bucket baths with cold water are the only alternative.

Filling a bucket with water in the morning and allowing it cool for a few hours before bathing is an easy way to achieve this. Adding cooled water or ice to your bath water is another alternative.

In your bathwater add some neem leaves

Neem is an anti-microbial that kills a wide range of pollutants and germs, making it ideal for fighting infections. To reap the benefits, boil crushed neem leaves, filter them, put them into a container, and add them to your bath water bucket.

Once the water has cooled, take a bath with it to flush off your soap and shower gels. It will treat present breakouts and prevent new ones while also relieving irritation. Remember not to eat it since neem may be poisonous in large quantities.

After showering, utilise a replenishing non-oily moisturizer

Actually, if your skin becomes sweaty and oiled, you should still moisturize it. While it is obvious that smooth products are not reasonable at this time, you still need water-based hydration. The absence of moisture pushes the skin to produce oil in excess, which compels blocked pores and contributes to body acne. The trick is to utilise a lotion or gel-based product that is designed for oily skin.

Moisturizers fortified with shea butter, cocoa, cucumber, and aloe vera can be operated because these substances are naturally hydrating.

Exfoliate once a week

Dead skin cells come to the surface to create space for new skin cells as part of the cell turnover procedure. Well, dead skin does not always clear on its own. They can block your pores and push body acne if you don’t remove them.

Exfoliating can assist in the removal of dead skin cells, so they cannot block pores and provoke body acne. It will also enable you to get smoother skin. Exfoliate your skin just once a week.

Test a body massage with besan and sandalwood once a week

A besan and Chandan bodypack is both cleansing and refreshing in nature. While sandalwood is too aromatic for the soothing skin on your face, it is excellent for the plump skin on your body earlier in a while since it is cooling.

To make this paste, combine sandalwood paste, gram flour, and freshly brewed green tea that has been permitted to cool. Spread the mixture to the plagued region and wait for it to dry. Then, in the shower, clean it off.

Wear loose and breathable fabrics

Wearing loose, non-irritating clothes that allow your skin to breathe is another form to keep body acne at the inlet. Tight clothes can trap dirt, germs, and oils, causing blotches to occur. For instance, wool, nylon, and spandex might annoy the skin even more, whereas cotton apparel is a superb choice.

To get rid of body acne, try integrating these easy bathing tips. Also, remain hydrated by drinking plenty of water and following a healthy diet. Also, maintain your skin by avoiding squeezing and digging when blemishes occur, since this might result in increased irritation, scarring, or sickness. Consult a dermatologist if you’re having a problem controlling your body acne with your present skincare regimen.


Why is Body acne common in summers?

Body Acne can be a bothersome problem for most of us throughout the year, but during summer it always has a tendency to worsen as increased vulnerability to UV rays and increased sweating can lead to bad getaways. It’s always best to adjust your skincare routine to prevent such episodes, after all, the summer months are for beaches and holidays. If you’ve been combating breakouts for a while now, you might have detected that they get worse during summer. But what we ought to understand is that body acne doesn’t get worse because of sun exposure, most of the time, it’s connected to increased oil production, sweating and hence clogging of the pores that appear with the warmer temperatures.

How to avoid summer acne?

Using foaming facial cleaners twice a day during summer. You can choose a specific cleaner depending on your skin kind. Washing the face too frequently can also induce excessive dryness and irritation and worsen breakouts. Always use sunscreen during the day if your face feels too oiled, you can use face steam to feel fresh. Avoid heavy lotions or creams as they block pores easily. Instead, exchange for a lightweight moisturizer and a gel-based sunscreen. Do not use rough scrubs over your face as they can direct dryness and irritation making it challenging to treat acne. DO NOT pop those pimples spots. As squeezing and scratching can direct to inflammation, and scarring.

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