What to eat and what not to eat in fever

If you have a fever then it becomes very important for you that you should know what you have to eat and what to avoid. This is because we eat one of the best and the bad effects on our sickness. So, if you have an idea of ​​what you have to eat and what not, then you can get rid of your disease quickly.

What should we eat?

Orange: – Orange is rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C helps in increasing our body’s immune system. Therefore, if the orange is used during fever, then it can be very beneficial. Boil the orange peel in water by hauling it, then filtering it hot and hot drink gives benefits in malaria fever.

Apples: – If fever comes, then the fever gets better after eating the apple. Before eating malaria fever, there is no fever when fever comes due to eating apple.

Guava: Drinking guava and apple juice causes fever to fall quickly. Giving guava also benefits Malaria fever.

Juice of different fruits: If you have too much fever then drink lemon, orange, ginger juice and orange juice in half a cup of water and drink without sugar or ice, you get relief.

Drink plenty of water: If you are suffering from fever, drink plenty of water. The reason for this is that this causes your white blood cells to work better and bacteria and viruses that make toxin take it out of the body.

Eat cooked food: Use raw food instead of raw food, cooked food when fever comes. The reason for this is that cooking raw food is a bit difficult to grate. For this you can use boiled vegetables, soup, or fruit juice.

Do not eat:

  • Do not use non-boiled milk or substances made during fever.
  • Do not use any breasts like cholesterol, such as red beef, snail etc.
  • Do not use beverages such as carbonated beverages, tea, coffee etc.
  • Do not eat things such as alcohol, smoking, and tobacco during fever.

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