Best Treatment for std during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the treatment of STD depends on its infection. It is seen during treatment that it is seen, in which week of pregnancy you are, and how much your infection has spread. Bacterial STD-like syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia are treated by antibiotics.

Apart from this, the treatment of STD in pregnant women and newborns is done in the following ways:

HIV / AIDSThis is an incurable disease. However, through some medicines this infection can be prevented from reaching the children from mother to child.

Herpe – For the treatment of herpes, doctors recommend some antiviral medicines. If a pregnant woman has an infection of herpes very much, then such a delivery can be done by Caesarean section, because during childbirth a child is at risk of infection.

Gonorrhea – Pregnant women suffering from gonorrhea can be treated with antibiotics. At the same time, to prevent eye infection in newborn babies, the doctor also consumes medicines at the time of birth at all the newborns.

HPV- If there is any infection related to genital pregnancy during pregnancy, then it is treated after delivery, because the baby is at high risk of being infected at birth.

Chlamydia- Pregnant women suffering from chlamydia are treated with antibiotics. This drug can prevent infection of newborn baby, but pneumonia can not be prevented through this medicine.

Hepatitis B- If pregnant woman is suffering from hepatitis B, then in this case, doctors give injections of antibiotics to prevent newborn from getting infected.

If a pregnant woman is given antibiotics for the treatment of STD, then it is necessary to take all the medicines carefully, even if it does not exist in any woman. In addition, a pregnant woman should be particularly careful to avoid medication for any disease, without the advice of a doctor, as it can further increase your infection.

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