Common symptoms of Pregnancy

Some symptoms are clearly visible on pregnancy, but sometimes some women do not understand the symptoms of pregnancy in the initial times. It is thus necessary that women should be aware of the initial symptoms of pregnancy. Although initial symptoms of pregnancy are different in every woman and some are similar in nature, but the symptoms that are being described here are mostly in women, they are low-

Menstrual bleeding

The closure of menstruation is considered to be the earliest symptom of pregnancy, because a healthy woman has a menstrual cycle per month or around a fixed time, but menstruation and pregnancy stop after pregnancy. Which is the first symptom of pregnancy.

Some women also have bleeding during pregnancy. If you are pregnant, then definitely ask your doctor how to prevent bleeding during pregnancy.

Heavyness in breasts

Changes in breast or heaviness are a common symptom of pregnancy. Apart from this, pain occurs during pregnancy during pregnancy. However, this pain occurs even before mahawari but during the pregnancy the breast becomes soft too. As well as heavyness in the breasts, changes in their size, excessive blackness in the surrounding nipples, and nerves in the breasts, etc. are signs of pregnancy.


Tiredness in pregnancy is very common. Not only this, due to excessive fatigue from the first week of pregnancy, especially during the morning fatigue is a major symptom. At this stage, the body produces progesterone hormone, which makes the body tired very quickly.

Mittal (morning sickness)

Morning sickness is a common symptom of pregnancy. Most women have the problem of mitleness in the early 3 months of pregnancy. Initial symptoms of pregnancy include live mumps, vomiting, etc. If you see any of these signs, then you should understand that you are pregnant.
    Some women have the desire to eat their favorite foods during pregnancy but they can not digest it because this is due to hormonal changes.

Apart from this, there are some early signs of pregnancy: –

During pregnancy your hormone balance changes, so that other symptoms are produced-

Urine frequent – Urine frequently comes in the early days of pregnancy, because during this time your body produces extra fluid, which causes pressure on the bladder and you have to go to urine repeatedly.

Constipation – During pregnancy, high levels of hormone progesterone can cause constipation inside you. The biggest reason for this is progesterone which gradually transports your food to the intestines. To reduce this problem, drink plenty of water, exercise and eat high fiber foods.

Mood swings – this is a common problem, especially during the first trimester. This problem is also due to changes in hormones.

Headache – Signs of pregnancy include headaches. Headache can happen anytime, but stress due to continuous changes of hormones leads to some women becoming complaining of headaches.

Dizziness and unconsciousness – These problems can be related to blood vessels, such as low blood pressure, and low blood sugar.

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