Medicines used to reduce obesity

It is not enough for some people with obesity to control and exercise just for their food. Weight loss medicines for the patients save the last option. However, it is also very difficult for the people to struggle with excessive obesity (Morbid obesity). Given their negative effects, medical advice of such drugs is given for limited and short term. Because of this, the consumption of these drugs has to be stopped when people with overweight people begin to improve, especially when they need to take these medicines for a month.

Metformin: This is an effective drug for people suffering from diabetes mellitus type 2. Metformin improves the consumption of glucose by the masses while reducing the process of glucose formation by the liver. Its intake improves the physical response and acceptance of the patient towards insulin.

Xinatide (Beta): The GLP-1 hormone discharge is done by the intestines on the food. Fat people may have a deficiency of GLP-1 hormone. This medicine is effective for its fulfillment. This advice is only given to diabetic type 2 patients. Baeta has to be injected into the body and in the early stages, its side effects can be dizziness.

Orlistat: It is also known as the zen-nick. This reduces the process of absorbing fat by intestines by reducing the pancreas secretion. Its major negative effect is lubrication (Astoria) in the stool, but if the amount of fat in the diet is reduced, then these symptoms improve. In very rare cases, taking this medicine causes side effects on the liver.

Loracassine (Belwick): With this drug, the weight of the people reduced to a normal level. Side effects of this drug were seen less in patients as well.

Sibutramine (Ridctic or Meridia): It is an appetite drug. The consumption of blood in people has been found to have high blood pressure, mouth dryness, headache, constipation, and sleepiness. The reason for which it has been removed from some international markets and its advice is also given less.

Remnant: This is a recently developed anti-obesity drug. It works on cannabinoid collectors who mainly transmit messages of a stomach to the brain. It also increases the energy consumption by increasing thermogenesis. Due to changes in brain activity, the possibility of mental retardation increases.

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