Natural tips for the eyes

If you’ve recently got a glasses, or you feel that your eyes are getting weak, you can certainly stop it at the beginning. But for this you have to be aware. In addition to proper diet, if you continually use yoga and the following prescriptions, then it is possible to a certain extent that you can handle the falling eyes of the eyes.

Even if you put glasses, then through these tips you can get rid of eyeglasses.


  1. Mix almond powder, big fennel and sugar candy in equal amounts. Take this mixture in a spoonful amount of time, while sleeping at night with a glass of milk.
  2. If every kind of disease of the eyes, like falling water, eyes coming, eyesight weakness, soak eight almonds at night and grind it in the morning and drink it in water and drink it.
  3. The juice of the leaves of the leaves of the smallpatha is also used in the treatment of eye-related diseases.
  4. By eating 1 to 2 grams of sugarcane and cumin with 2 to 5 grams of cow’s ghee and planting the leanderpip in the eyebrow, it is beneficial in night blindness by applying it in the eyes.
  5. Cut slices of cold cucumber or raw potato and keep it on the eyes for ten minutes. Drink more water Water deficiency shows swelling on the eyes. Food should be eaten 3 hours before sleeping. Doing so keeps your eyes healthy.
  6. Banana, sugarcane is good for the eyes. Drink sugarcane juice. Due to drinking a lemon in a glass of water, the eye flame remains throughout the life.

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