Tips for the first week of pregnancy

Most pregnant women of the first week do not even know, but the women who are already preparing for pregnancy, and those who are eagerly waiting for it, can certainly imagine that. When the woman waits for her pregnancy, she tries to feel every moment that she is not pregnant. In such a situation, if he is also measuring his basal body temperature daily, he will know that his temperature, even after ovulation (in Little Faiz) is also increased. If this is the case then it may be a sign of pregnancy.

If you also see your temperature increased and you feel that your pregnancy has started, then you should book your appointment with an obstetrician (obstetrician). After this, if your pregnancy test becomes positive then you should start preparing to take care of your health for the next nine months. This is the time when you need the most to improve your eating habits.

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 If you have not contacted your doctor yet and you know that you are pregnant then take an appointment with your doctor. Because now you have something to eat, drink or do any other work that is not suitable for your child can be very harmful. The most important thing is that during this time, do not take any medicines without the doctor’s advice. If you are already taking any medication then stop it there only.

Why is it necessary to contact the doctor at the beginning?

Contacting the doctor is very important at the very beginning of the progression. That’s because in the meantime if you have any problems, its address goes in the beginning. Also, if you have any genetic problem, then the problem can go to your child too. In the meantime, you have to overcome any kind of deficiency in your body like iron, vitamins etc.

If you already have a problem and you do not treat it then that problem will gradually affect your child. At the beginning of pregnancy, even some essential vitamins and minerals are also needed. Whose supplies are essential. If you do not take these vitamins, then this reduction can also cause a problem in your baby.


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