Type of Asthma

Asthma, which is known only by one name, has different types depending on the different symptoms.

In our Ayurveda, it has been described as five five types of Ayurveda.

5 types of asthma like: –

1. Allergic Asthma
2. Tamak breathing
3. breathe
4. Exhortation
5. Smashed breathing

Five types of asthma and their symptoms

Allergic asthma

This disease usually results in more work from consumption of raw materials, or more than capacity. However, this disease is not very fast and can be self-correct.

In general, there is a problem like inhaling pains.

Tamas shawns (pinus)

This type of asthma is a bit complicated against allergic asthma. Generally, the throat in the asthma, which gets wet in the rain, causes the throat to fall, and the result is that the cough stored in the throat gets lifted upwards and it becomes difficult to breathe. The most important detection of this type of disease is the inability of breathlessness as well as the noise of throats in the throat.

Some other symptoms of Tamas Schwans

This type of asthma is very painful. Difficulty in speaking, sleep deprivation (insomnia), fear of depression, confusion of mouth, dizziness, latching and headache are symptoms of it.

Uproar (pulling up the breath upwards)

Breathing heavily, having trouble leaving Nervousness, accumulation of mucus in the respiratory tract. Feeling unconscious


Feeling stiff on the upper side of the breath, breathing fast, more pain in cough, lack of memory, open mouth and eyes, obstruction of stool-urine, difficulty in speaking and breathing while breathing and leaving The sound of clutches come Breathing heavily, bursting of eyes and tongue flattening

Fragmented shawns

In this disease the patient does not breathe normally. The breath is bloated and the pelvic is burning. Sweat comes too much. Water comes down from the eyes and the mouth and eyes become red, the face becomes dry, the mind gets excited and there is trouble in speaking. The patient has a lot of irritation in the urinary bladder and the patient starts boiling.

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