5 Important exercises to lose belly fat

Everyone wants to be fit and fit in the right shape. Where some people get the right shape of the natural woman, there are some reasons for this, such as living, food, food or any other reason, this shape worsens. In such a situation, he thinks every day new ways to get rid of it, but take a lot of time to take a small step for it.

In this case, it is important to understand that if you start exercising for only 15 minutes daily, and gradually get used to it, then one day you will be able to get a good physical shape.

Crunch – The most recommended exercises by fitness trainers include Crunchidge. It is also easy to put an ab-crunch exercise, routine. For this, lie down on a mat with a waist. Put the hands behind the head. Turn the knees on the floor and turn it on the floor. Slowly exhale slowly by lifting the upper part of the fuselage upwards. Slowly back then. Complete this action with at least 5-5 rounds in the beginning.

Boat Pose – Sit down comfortably on mats. Long breath deeply. Raise the upper part of the leg and stomach up slowly, when the name becomes like a situation, then it will stop, wait for a while and then gradually return, leaving the breath. This situation is also to be done in 3-5-5 rounds.

Reverse Crunch – For the reverse crunch, first lie on the back of the waist on the mat. After this, turn the legs straight by turning both legs in the knee. Hold the back portion of the head with hands. Pull breath into, and get up from the stomach, stay awhile and then come back after breathing. This exercise also requires you repeat three times with 5 sets at a time. Reverse crunch is considered to be an effective exercise to reduce obesity in women. There are some variations of this exercise – Twist Crunch, Side Crunch, Vertical Leg Crunch.

Crossing crawl- Come into pushup position and turn your knees bent towards your left hand. After this, repeat it with another knee.

Downward Facing Dog Poses- Come to the knees to kneel towards the floor and kneel both the palms and feet on the floor, the rest of the body should be above the floor and the full weight should be on the palms and feet of the feet. After this slowly fill the breath and bring one leg up. After this repeat the same verb with the other leg. Make 5-5 times that is 10 times with both legs. Initially, start this exercise from one time and then gradually increase its set.

    However, you do not have to start this exercise directly, but before that you have to give some warmth to the body. It would be better if you jump rope jumping. You can jump for a longer time by jumping comfortably, then stop after it and then jumping as many times as you can jump, so you have to repeat three to four times. After this you can start your own exercise. You will start to notice in a few days that you are feeling a change in the size of your body and you are feeling a bit lighter than before.

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