Abdominal pain or backache might be symbols of kidney stone

When any part of the body starts to feel pain anywhere, it is difficult to understand that it is happening due to which. Especially such pain, which is very fast, and generally can not be cured automatically. In this case, it is difficult to identify without a doctoral inquiry.

Regardless of the problem, whether small or small, you should always be aware of your health. This is the only way you can avoid any major illness in the body and one day it will not come out in its horrible form.

Here we are talking about kidney stones, that is, kidney stones. Kidney stones, anyone can be. There may be many times that you have become a stone, but you have not even realized it and it has gone out of the body with Urin (urine), but sometimes it may also be that the size of the stone is so large That he could not get out of the urinary tract himself. The reason for this is its size. If you have been told after the doctor has checked that if you have stones, and you can not get it through medicines, then you definitely have a large size (greater than 3 millimeters) stones.

The most important thing is that you will recognize the pain caused by Kidney Stone and the pain of any other circumstance.

Actually, kidney stones have severe pain in the stomach. But it is also possible that it may be due to any other reason, but a small light can be identified in the kidney stone and other pains, that its pain is very fast, and it will last for a long time. It also happens, which is not able to cure common pain medicines.

Kidney pain or normal pain of waist?
Waist pain can occur in any part of the waist, and it is cured after some time. But kidney pain is usually done between ribs and hips, which can also be felt in the upper part of the stomach. In the upper part of the stomach, there may be a pain due to acidity (gastric) or any other cause. In this case, there are some other signs of Kidney Stone, which are seen with this pain.

For example-

If your stones are of a large size, then it can also block your urine, due to which there is a lot of trouble in getting up and running. In addition to the waist and abdomen, the joints of the thighs, and the genitalia are also reached. This pain is very fast, and sometimes it does not even last for hours. Apart from this, there are complaints like pain and soreness and vomiting along with it.

If this problem increases, then due to this urination is stopped, sudden sweating and dizziness, even a fever happens. If someone is having such symptoms in their own right then he should contact the doctor without waiting for more.

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