Home remedies for gallstone (soft drinks for Kidney Stones)

Piston sac is caused by the accumulation of substances, which are expelled from blood as waste products. These substances take a form of stone in the bile patch. Because it is formed by mixing stones, calcium, cholesterol, salt, and bilirubin together with drying, so we need to keep feeding food and food in our day so that these substances can not be gathered in the body.

If there is a talk of stones and its treatment in any part of the body, its treatment and prevention can be done with the consumption of both fluids. That is, we should eat as many fluids as possible, whether it is water, soup or juice.

Beneficial drinks in gall stones-

Apple vinegar – apple vinegar is acidic and it prevents cholesterol from being formed in the body. Cholesterol is the substance that causes the formation of bile stone, that is, the amount of cholesterol remains the highest in it. Along with this, the apple vinegar also works to dissolve the calculus. It is better that you add some quantity of apple vinegar (one or two spoons) of apple into a large glass juice and drink it.

Lime Juice – Lemon is also rich in vitamin C and acidic. The juice of the lemon will prevent cholesterol from being formed, as well as dissolving the cholesterol mixed with it. Also, pectin content found in the lemon will also reduce the pain of gallstones.

Mint juice- Mint, where one intensifies the flow of bile and other digestive substances by accelerating another digestive process, but instead it stabilizes the stone formed in the gallbladder and dissolves it too. Along with this, there is also relief in mild pain from stone. Mix mint tea, or mint juice with other juices (lemon, orange, apple). Or, after half a minute of mint in a glass of water boil the leaves and add honey in it.

Fresh Vegetable Juice:- fresh fruit juices of fruits and vegetables, if fresh vegetables are juicy-bile stones. This will not only make your digestive tract easy, but the flow of fluid in the body will be even faster. This will reduce the likelihood of dilating the stones and forming new stones. For juice, you have many choices like beet, cucumber, carrot, apple, lemon, watermelon, loci available.

Pears-Pears also contain an element named Pectin that prevents the formation of cholesterol. Drink pear juice regularly.

Apart from these, the juice of all fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C is also beneficial in gallstones. During this time, do not eat junk food at all.

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