Benefits of green vegetables

For every person to stay healthy, to develop the body, to do daily work smoothly, the ingredients needed in the food are called nutrients. These nutrients should be taken based on a certain quantity, age and gender.

  These nutrients are divided into 6 sections-

  • Carbohydrate – energetic elements
  • Protein – Elements That Construct Muscle
  • Fats – Elements that protect the body from the effects of fertility and weather.
  • Fiber – Fibrous elements that keep our digestive system healthy
  • Vitamins – These are the responsible components of the entire healthy body of our body, which also controls the activity of the Hormons along with strengthening the body’s immune system.
  • Minerals – Minerals are included in the category of micro-nutrients, they require very little quantity of these, but if there is a deficiency or excessive amount of normal, then the risk of our lives can arise. These elements also protect us from diseases, along with some of them – calcium, phosphorus, bones, nails and hair formation, as well as strengthen them.

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