Eating Schedule for diabetes

It is also extremely important for patients with diabetes to keep in mind that at the time they eat and at what time they do not eat and drink. The biggest thing is that they should make the right time for their food and according to that they should take their diet daily.

  Dieting at the same time every day, patients in diabetes can help reduce their level of blood sugar. Especially if you have to take insulin shots or diabetes medicines too.

  • Make a list of all the time of diet.
  • Instead of keeping the diet in large quantities, divide into smaller portions.
  • Rather than eating it three times a day, increase it to 4 or five.
  • Interacting between snacks or fruit or starch can also be taken.
Determine the amount of food and its type according to your time. Eat lightly instead of taking a heavy diet overnight.

  • Take different types of foods, this will give you many types of nutrients.
  • In the diet, also keep salt and fat special.
  • Attention to diet
  • Make your dietetic diet chart
It would be better for you to work closely with your doctor or dietician. Your doctor or dietician will help you create the right diet plan for you.

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